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Software Guide Class 2

Master your software version 8.1. This is the second of three guide classes. Cost is included in the price of the software. If bought elsewhere cost is $50. Bring laptop, mouse and mouse pad even if you have a touch screen. We will cover Instant Auto-Digitize, Magic Wand, Magic Wand Fill Without Holes, Magic Wand Centerline, Color PhotoStitch, and Convert Artwork to Embroidery. Class 2 - Autodigitizing


Master your BERNINA machine, class 2. For non-touchscreen machines. Price is included in the cost of your machine. Cost is $35 if your machine is bought elsewhere.

Block of the Month-Tues

Work on a different block each month. Original design. Cost is $12 per session and must sign up for the entire year. Classes start in Jan. and run through Dec. This class is for a Tuesday at 9:30am.

Oct 15
BERNINA Touch Screen
Oct 16
BERNINA Club (single class)
Oct 16
BERNINA Club membership